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The KR-series is a Thermoforming(Rollstock) machine for vacuum packing, gas packaging and packaging sliced cured meats, seafood, poultry, agricultural products, pickled foods, vegetarian foods, bean stuffing,bread and bakery, prepared food, electronic and hardware parts, medical instruments, sterile disposable medical products medicines, and clothing.Consulting free from all kinds of packaging and Labeling solutions to meet production Requirements.


Stainless steel construction, durable and attractive, easy to clean. With an imported European high-capacity vacuum pump and an automatic control system, the unit has low maintenance time and is easy to operate. Applicable for various types of processing factories.


For the packaging of perishable foods, the pack has either a vacuum drawn or is flushed with protective gases to maintain the flavor and prevent spoilage of the product. As a result, shelf life and freshness are increased substantially. Prolongs food expiration dates. Prevents electronic and hardware parts from rusting and dampening. Applicable materials include solid products, powder and liquids.

Maximum Advance 800 mm ( Longer sizes on request) 600 mm ( Longer sizes on request)
Maximum Forming Depth 80 mm / 100 mm / 150 mm 80 mm / 100 mm
Film Width 380 mm ~ 480 mm Max. 320 mm ~ 400 mm Max.
Loading Area 1000 mm800 mm
Water Consumption 100  ~ 200 L/H (2 bars) 100 ~ 150 L/H (2 bars)
AC Supply Voltage 220V 3ph./ 380V 3ph.(50/60Hz) 220V 3ph./ 380V 3ph.(50/60Hz)
Electrical Power Consumption 380V, 25~40Amp / 220V, 37~80 Amp 380V, 20~35Amp / 220V, 35~70 Amp
Air Consumption 7bars /1000 ~1500 L/M 7bars/1000 ~1500 L/M
Approximate Weight 1500 kg ~ 2000 kg (3300 lb~4400 lb) 1000 kg ~1300 kg (2200 lb~2800 lb)
Cycle Time Cycle / 11 Cycle ( With Boost Pump ) 6 Cycle / 10 Cycle( With Boost Pump )
Control Type Digital / Servo Motor Digital / Servo Motor
KOMAS reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice

Construction Features
- Programmable Logic Control System
- Touch Screen ( English or Hangull )
- Module Base Construction
- Gripper Chains
- Control Cabinet

Control System

- KR-500 is easy to operate : it has 300˚ Rotating Control Panel With Touch Screen Displaying
- Operating Mode Section
- Operating Time and Temperature Information
- Film Advance Selection and Control
- Cycle counter
- Error Message
- Programmable data up to 50 Configurations


The Machine's can be adapted to our clients Specific Needs and Applications.
Product Type, Material Type, Package Shape, and Speed Required.
Depending on the Application it may be possible to integrate other Options and Accessories.

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